Latest Launches

Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Hospital

Launch: 01/2020

The Problem: Animal ER hospital website was not stable and would crash without warning. At times the website was down for several days. When dealing with pet emergencies an immediate was needed. The website was also complicated to navigate and needed to be simplified for better user experience.

The Solution: We were able to find multiple resolutions for the Baton Rouge Animal Hospital. 


  1. Migrated the WordPress website to a Wix website, allowing for more stability.

  2. Able to get a website up and running within 2 weeks.

  3. Branded the website by providing consistent messages, color, and fonts.

  4. Created an appointment request form.

This is still an ongoing project. Follow along and view our progress! More updates are coming soon. 

LEADER: Louisiana Enhancing Aging with Dignity Through Empowerment & Respect

Launch: 10/2019


The Problem: LEADER website had too many pages and was complicated to navigate. They also had a membership portal that required manual reset by administration when a user forgot their password. The website also did not offer event management or membership managements systems. Directories were only available via PDF's for users to download.

The Solutions: Most of the updates are on the back end:

  1. Created Membership Management Solutions

  2. Automated Membership Renewal Payment System

  3. Event Management

  4. Event Registration Offering Multiple Price-points and Options

  5. Separate Vendor and Sponsorship Registration

  6. Ability to register multiple attendees from one organization

  7. Easy to navigate website with a modern update

  8. Easy to read copy with keywords

  9. Each page has unique meta descriptions and SEO