Are You Desensitized to Your Inbox?

"Who still opens newsletters?"

"I delete newsletters all the time."

"Emails are just a waste of time."

Well... In most cases I agree. There are a lot of theories on how to maximize your inbox...

  1. Create a catchy subject line

  2. Send out a newsletter at least once a week

  3. Perform A/B testing

  4. Send out on Thursday's after 2:00

  5. Be consistent

Let's break down the rules...

1. Create a catchy subject line.

I agree. Catchy is always good. Just make sure you are relevant! There is nothing more aggravating than promising something and not providing. Catchy is great... honesty trumps catchy.

2. Send out a newsletter at least once a week or more.

The more the merrier is not the case with newsletters and emails. You want to be consistent and you do not want to just disappear when you collect email addresses. However, content always matters! If you do not deliver relevant and entertaining marketing materials, it will not take long for people to just pass over your emails or automatically hit "delete".

3. Perform A/B testing.

I have done a lot of A/B testing over the past 11 years. Finding the right time to send out materials constantly changes. Even after all of the testing, open rates may increase by a small percentage but the impact on ROI is usually minimal. It all goes back to being relevant and making sure you are sending out something that is relevant to buyer.

4. Send out Thursday after 2:00.

This rule is for people that do not want to do A/B testing. I still believed, when you have something to say... speak. If not, stay quiet. The same goes for emails and newsletters... if you have something to say send it... If not, stop clogging up the inbox.

5. Be Consistent.

I agree. It's not a good idea to disappear. Not staying in touch is a missed opportunity.

Following Rule #5, here are a few suggestions on how to provide emails that matter:

Abandoned Cart

For my retail clients I love the abandoned cart email feature. If a customer is in the middle of purchasing an item(s) and they get distracted by Facebook or any other notification you can turn on a feature that will automatically send an email after a period of time to remind them....

"Hey! Did you want to finish purchasing your widgets? They are waiting for you in your shopping cart. :)"

Contact Form

I like to create different contact forms on different web pages. Each contact form can trigger different automated emails, depending on the content the visitor is interested in. This way you are providing information that is interesting to the buyer.


My favorite form of emails is the eCard. I like to email graphically beautiful or fun post cards / eCards that make a simple announcement. eCards can be effective for announcing a new service, product, promotion, or event.

There are 3 components to an eCard:

1. An eye Catching Graphic

2. Short Announcement

3. Call to Action or Offer

There is an advantage to having a simple self explanatory graphic show up in an email preview pane. Would this catch your attention?

Consider this... stop following the rules and start getting to you know customers. Developing an understanding of what they need helps you improve your communication and creates a loyal following.

Try thinking outside the box and see how it changes your analytics. #2020MarketingChallenge

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