Being Non-Creative is Learned

Think back to your five year old self. Remember days of running, playing, talking to your toys, creating stories, and acting out? Guess what that means? That's right, we are all born creative. How do we lose our creativity? What happens along the way where self-doubt creeps in and takes over? Before you even complete your first thought... maturity is not an excuse for losing your creative self.

Somewhere someone said something that lead to the beginning of burying your creative spirit. Compounding opinions and judgements slowly chip away at our ability to be our true self which happens to be pretty creative. Slowly our art work in kindergarten goes from purple skies with a green sun and frolicking blue elephants to a traditional blue skies, white clouds, and a brown dog. Then one day you just stop creating.

When I meet people and they learn that I love to write, the most common response is "Oh, I'm a terrible writer." The truth is... you are wrong. We are all storytellers in our own unique way.

Somewhere along the way, we are graded and taught a set of rules that put us in a box. Breaking out of that box becomes scary so we convince ourselves we are bad being creative.

Stop Editing

One of the biggest issues I find with people that want to tell their story whether it's personal or business related is they edit first. They are already editing their story before it's a complete thought and documented on paper.

I'm giving you permission to make mistakes... to be imperfect. Stop editing in your head and start writing it down. Whatever your thought is it's time to type it or write it out. You can't edit what is in your head. You can only edit once you start to organize your thoughts outside of your body.

You Never Finish Where You Started

The final product will look nothing like you expected, planned, or started out with. After you organize your thoughts it's okay to turn the thoughts over to a ghostwriter or editor. Feedback is critical to the creative process. Input helps make your story better and can help lead you in great directions.

Editing is Not Criticizing

The editing process is not someone criticizing you or your work. The editing process is simply another set of eyes that maybe catch a few things you don't catch. Getting an outside perspective also helps ensure that you are conveying a message that will make sense to a stranger. Accepting feedback will make you a better storyteller.

Feedback only makes your work stronger and helps improve the creative process. If you expect to turn something over for editing and it comes back with little to no mark-ups... then you need to find a new editor.

Let's Have Some Fun

Need help finding your creative side? Here are a few starter sentences to get you started. Remember... there are no rules. Be ridiculous. Have fun. Anything is possible when you are writing.

Create the Story...

1. It's 2 AM and you are walking home when you see a bear standing by a lamp post. He is playing his guitar and singing BB King's song The Thrill is Gone. You stop and...

2. You look in the morning paper to check the latest winning lottery numbers. You discover you have the winning ticket! You immediately quit your job and start to hatch new life plans. When you call the lottery office to make the claim they tell you the newspaper had a typo and one number was wrong. You immediately...

3. You wake up one morning only to discover that you have been granted a superpower. You jump out of bed and....

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