Crashed Computers and Forgotten Passwords

It's been a while since my last blog. I have had a lot of changes going on in the background. I have several new clients that I have been working with and I have made a lot of personal and professional changes as well.

I have been consolidating my files. I made the switch from Office 365 to Google's G Suite. I know... many of you think I have lost my mind. I don't doubt that Bill Gates is plotting his revenge on me right now. However, I made the switch and I LOVE it!

Don't worry, Bill Gates is not going to come after me until I can gain access to my account and cancel it. I have no idea what the login and password is and I'm currently locked out of it. So Bill and his lovely wife Melinda have a little more time to spend my $7.95 /month.

This is something I NEVER do... I bought a computer BEFORE my old one crashed on me. That's right, BEFORE! There were signs that my MAC as getting ready to die. I usually ignore the signs. When ol' Bessie randomly shut down on me 3 times in one day. For the first time ever, I decided not to go into denial. I bought a new one. I'm not sure but I think that means I am officially a responsible grown up business woman.

Password Hell

I initially thought I would have tons of problems with user ID's and passwords... but I'm NOT!!! That's right Google and Safari are working together to keep me moving along. So much so... I had enough time to write a blog.

Now I can focus on finishing up my series about SEO and going back to my cleaning out my closet project.

Changing how you operate can be a bit scary. In my head, I thought the change would not be worth the hassle. I think a lot of us feel that way. The only way to learn from your mistakes or make improvements is to make the change.

Approach change with a positive attitude and focus on the end reward is will help make the transition much easier.

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