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Staying Focused When No One Will Leave You Alone

I work from home and like everyone else in the world, I have a lot on my plate. I'm self-employed and I work from home. I recently gave up my office space because working from home is just easier. Without the commute, I feel less rushed and it adds hours to my workday.

A lot of people ask me how I keep myself from getting distracted with home stuff while I'm working. The answer is simple, I embrace the distractions. Fighting the natural balance of life is what makes life complicated.

I start every morning off the same way... after my coffee and morning shower, I let the dogs out and sit down at my laptop to check my email and figure out my day. If the weather is nice, I sit outside, if otherwise, I sit at my kitchen table.

Then I eventually move into my office to start working on the first items of the day. Taking breaks throughout the day is important. It helps get rid of the fog in my head from sitting at the computer and moving around gets my blood flowing. During those breaks I throw some laundry into the washer, let the pups out to play, and change my location (move back into the kitchen) and get some more work done.

There are no rules as long as you are getting your work done. If you are not? Then, you are probably having issues with procrastination. That is a whole other animal to tame. If that is the case, Patsy Burden wrote an article about becoming the Boss of Your Brain. I had trouble editing the article because I kept reading it, mentally I kept saying... "Oh, that's me"... "Yes, I do that"... By nature, I'm not a very structured person so when I fight those inclinations, I get distracted and unmotivated.

So what if I take a few minutes to do my laundry during the day? It's okay if I work a little into the evenings because I ran a few personal errands during the day.

When I broke free of the 8 - 5 mentality, my productivity went up. The world did not come to an end. My business continues to grow. I guess I'm staying true to my Screw the Rules mentality.

The only ongoing issue I have is Lenny wanting in and out every few minutes. I don't think a dog door would help my situation. I think he likes the attention and gets his kicked out of aggravating me. I have actually created a job post for a volunteer doorman for Lenny.

If anyone wants to volunteer, they can apply at my Facebook page.

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