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The Convenience of a Branding Page

Let's be honest, do you try to keep it together when it comes to branding such as using the same logo, the same colors, the same fonts... across all of your marketing? I say "try" because we all have that moment of weakness where we cut a few corners to save time or just don't feel like looking up what font we use for our headings.

What if I shared a little industry secret with you? I create a branding page for all of my clients. A branding page is a list of all the approved logo's, fonts, and colors. I keep one for all of clients. Because I'm old school, I don't just keep electronic copies. I actually print and keep all the branding guides within reach. It only takes me a second to find and look up what I need.

Branding guides are also great to hand out to any of your designers or marketing outsourcing that you do. Let's say, it's time to redo your business cards or have some social media posts made. All you have to do is include your branding page to ensure your designers will stay in line with your image.

Here is a sample that I made up for you to use as a guide.

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