Why I Broke Up with WordPress

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

For years I was a WordPress snob. I couldn't stand to work in another type of website platform and I admit it, if you did not have WordPress, I judged you. That is... until everything started to go wrong with WordPress. That's right... I went from a lover to a hater and it happened virtually overnight.

Why? Well... I could kick myself for not realizing it before but WordPress is plagued with problems. All of the problems revolve around updates.

WordPress designs are done in themes but they are really templates and any company can create a theme for a WordPress site. Why is that a problem? Because of updates. Most companies create hundred and some thousands of themes. That means the theme as to stay current with your WordPress and hosting updates. If not... you loose your site.

Wait there's more...

One of the reasons I fell in LOVE with WordPress was due to these wonderful free things called plug-ins. They are called plug-in's but they are really apps. You could do all of these great things for FREE! Guess what themes and plug-ins have in common? Updates.

Now hosting, WordPress, themes, and plug-ins all have to update together. One item fails to update... you guessed it ...can crash your site.

You also don't really know how much access you are giving some of the companies when you install their plug-ins. The whole system is extremely unstable. I soon found myself fixing problems rather than focusing on marketing plans and website building.

Along came OneUp.Fit I started to edit a website they had already built in WordPress, but I could see big problems on the horizon. Instead of editing their website, I started to do some research.

I had worked in Weebly in the past and found it glitchy and too constraining with design elements. I decided to give them another look. I soon discovered that nothing had changed. Same thing... it's still glitchy and too constraining when it comes to design elements.

Then I checked out SquareSpace and they are a good option also. I have designed a few websites in their platform. The monthly plans are reasonable and for a few extra dollars you can add in extras such as email marketing. It is nice to have an all-in-one digital software eliminating the need to deal with integration headaches.

I settled on Wix. They are extremely reasonable in pricing and the tools they offer are extremely robust. A premium plan can get you:

  • Customizable websites

  • Forms

  • Membership options

  • Blog page

  • Create Video Channels directly on your site!

  • Email marketing

  • Create G Suite Account

  • eCommerce

  • Appointment and class scheduler

  • All sign ups populate to your email contact list

  • Create and publish social media posts

I made my recommendations and disclosed that I was trying something new but felt confident this was going to work. Toni, the founder of OneUp.Fit told me to "Go for it". By the time I finished designing the site, fine tuning the SEO, and indexing the site on Google... I was in LOVE with website design again.

Then I made the bold move to switch all my clients over to Wix. I have 2 more sites to go before the conversion is complete. The results have been amazing! Everyone's conversions and lead generations are up... up... up!!!! I'm noticing a huge difference in inquiries.

I can also create and publish social media posts. This is a relatively new feature and it needs some work. I hope later on down the line we will be able to schedule posts, as of right now we are limited to real time posting. Instagram posting is not direct. I am hoping in the future these are issues that will be fixed.

Basically, Wix gives you peace of mind and the ability to handle all of your digital marketing in one place. Now you no longer have to deal with updates, crashes, integrations, and the tech side of your marketing. Now you can focus on growing your business and sales.

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