Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of self-discipline and organization. The plus side of being self-employed does for some control over your schedule. What a lot of people don’t realize is how many hats a small businesses owner has to wear. Start-ups have to handle marketing, sales, consultations, bookkeeping, networking and industry education. How do you manage both a professional and personal calendar?


Healthy Habits

Developing healthy mental habits starts with blocking time for yourself. Create 15-minute blocks of time for journaling, quick walks outside, time to stand up and stretch, meditation, or reflection.


Healthy Mental Habits are important tasks that you should work into your day.


Making Time for Family

Block family time and meal time. When you block time on your calendar for meals, this helps stop you from just grabbing something for dinner. Creating time to cook and eat dinner with your family helps develop healthy eating habits and opens up communication.


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Making Time for Time Management