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Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Then something terrible started to happen. Hosting sites were UPDATING... WordPress templates were NOT UPDATING to keep up. WordPress was UPDATING... templates and plug-ins were NOT UPDATING to keep up. I was spending more time on upkeep than marketing and designing. I started to not like websites and knew I needed to find another way.
My research led me to Wix. Their website platform is perfect for small businesses. What you can do with a website is truly limitless. Wix offered affordable solutions and you do not have to worry about getting dollared to death! 


Sell & Rent Videos

Collect email addresses and send newsletters all in one place! Landing pages, auto responders and tracking is all in one place.  SEO made easy!


Want your staff to learn how to update? No problem. I can trained in-house marketing teams or I can handle content updates for you.





How I Started
I love creating beautiful websites that work for you. Websites should be a dynamic part of your business that promotes you and works with you. It's my goal to bring the intimidation out of web design. Let's figure out what you need your website to do and create affordable solutions. Through my partnership with Wix anything is possible! 


Set up a calendar to schedule appointments or sign up for classes.

You no longer have to rely on Eventbrite!


Social Media

Stream your Instagram and Facebook pages on your web site. Social media options are virtually limitless...

Works for You

Make your website work for you with Wix.




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